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    Will this new computer meet the requirements of Premiere Pro CS4?

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      Here are the specs, let me know if it's missing anything or if something needs to be changed. I'll need a BluRay burner as well.




      - Intel® I7 Quad processor with 4 Hyperthreading

      processors yields 8 processors capable of executing 8

      separate threads of SW independently and simultaneously

      - 4GB system memory

      - Video card with Dual Monitor output 512 MB DDR



      The System drive is 250GB and is divided into two

      partitions for System/Programs and the remainder is the

      Library Partition. The standard high performance video

      data drive array consists of 2 SATA2 drives with a SATA2

      controller, all internal, built into the system. The standard

      data drive configuration for SD through compressed HD is

      2x1000 GB drives for a total of 2.0 TBs data storage. This

      brings the total system to 2.25TBs of storage overall.

      With 2 data drives running independently, the system will

      support all popular compressed HD formats. With High

      performance SATA2 drives with 32MBs of cache the

      system is super responsive for smooth editing and no audio



      Other system components include: Firewire, Gigabit

      Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbs), Sound Blaster compatible 7.1

      sound, optical mouse and keyboard.


      Video System Specifications: The system chassis is a mid

      size tower with 3 removable drive bays, DVD Burner and

      a multi- memory card reader.


      Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 operating system