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    Two Basic Code Questions...


      Ok, let me start by explaining exactly what I am trying to do. I am creating a basketball website where I would keep track of statistics on a game-by-game basis.


      1) What type of coding is used to do this in a way where I do not have to update everything completely manually? Like if I am keeping stats of a LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics game is there a way to feed the number of points Kobe Bryant scores into an overall statistical table of some sort? I would like the numbers to appear in a table format without having to manually adjust the numbers of EVERY SINGLE player in the tables (Could be dozens)


      2) Is there a web host site that allows you to build a site relatively easily using their site-designers that offers this type of coding?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          1.  You would definitely need server-side scripting such as ASP.NET or PHP to accomplish this.  Along with a database (ie: mySQL, MS SQL) to store the data.


          2.  No there are no pre-built solutions that I am aware of for this.


          There's nothing wrong with starting off small with updating things manually and then automating the process down the road.  Or you can consider outsourcing the job and hiring someone to put it together for you.  If you do need it and you don't have the experience I would recommend outsourcing it.  If it is something you want to learn, start off finding a host, learning the language and take your time getting it going.