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    CSS issues porting an application from SDK3.5 to SDK4.0

    Daniel Freeman Level 1

      I'm trying to port a Flex application from SDK3.5 to SDK4.0 in Flash Builder 4.


      I've been working through various deprecated features.  (It's a large application).  And everything has boiled down to a bunch of warnings that I can't get rid of.  They're all related to CSS styling.



      The errors are all of the kind:


      " Cannot resolve namespace qualified type '***' in CSS selector '***' "




      " The CSS type selector '***' was not processed, because the type was not used in the application. "


      (I've also got a couple of " The Style 'dropShadowVisible' is only supported by type 'mx.controls.List' with the themes(s) 'spark' " warnngs... and I'm not sure what's causing that yet.)



      I tried something to remedy these warnings, but it had no effect...






      <!-- Global Styles -->

          <fx:Style source="path/theme.css" />



      and within the CSS files, I put:-


      @namespace mx "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/halo";


      mx|Panel { etc... etc... etc...


      ... but after a Clean, the warnings are still there.



      Does anyone know how to clear these warnings?



      (Note: Previously, I put in a new styling-related compiler directive, so my compiler arguments look like this now:-


      -locale en_US -theme "/Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4 Plug-in/sdks/4.0.0/frameworks/themes/Halo/halo.swc")