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    PPBM CS4 Eye opener!!!!

    Pijetro Level 1

      My CPU is older, but nonetheless, something seems off...

      I've uploaded my results to Bill Gehrke.

      Bill seems to think there's something aloof.


      I've taken Bill's and Harm's advice..Tried every different scenario there is, changed scratch discs, cache locations, etc... but still can't seem to get faster throughput.

      When going through AME, the CPU bounces back and forth between 100% and 40%, but only averages around 55%..If that's normal, please let me know


      Bill was kind enough to let me know that something was wrong with my .AVI output times. I agree..It shouldn't be 40 seconds, but rather 10 at most.

      Is it possible that the "Use Preview file" button isn't working correctly in AME? Can anybody verify this, because something's definately wrong.

      I'm not officially submitting this, because there must be something i'm overlooking.

      I've got 3 drives, and another 2 on raid 0....


      Please help?!?!


      Here's my results.


      Pijetro,   Personal or Computer ID
      Tyan kw8e,  Computer Manufacturer
      HP wx9300,   Computer Model
      240.8,  secs Total Benchmark Time
      45.5,  secs AVI  Encoding Time
      127.3,  secs MPEG Elapsed Time
      68,  secs Rendering Time
      AMD,    CPU Manufacturer
      OPTERON 270,    CPU Model
      2,    GHz CPU speed
      2,    Number of CPU chips
      4,    Total Number of Cores
      8,    GB RAM
      4.2.1,    APP Version PPBM4 DV
      Win 7 64,    OSVersion
      SATA,    OS Disk Interface
      80,    GB OS Disk Capacity
      10,000,    OS Disk Speed
      SATA,    Project Disk Interface
      500,    GB Project Disk Capacity
      7200,    Project Disk Speed
      SATA,    Preview Disk Interface
      500x2 R0,    GB Preview Disk Capacity
      7200,    Preview Disk Speed
      SATA,    Output Disk Interface
      500,    GB Output Disk Capacity
      7200,    Output Disk Speed
      ATI RADEON X1800,    Graphics Board
      ,    Comment

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Some basics to check first:


          1. Indexing and compression are disabled on all disks.

          2. Sidebar is turned off.

          3. No defragger active.

          4. Services have been tuned. Windows 7 Service Configurations by Black Viper


          Can you post a screen shot from Process Explorer.

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            Pijetro Level 1

            Render Bar.jpg

            DVD encode processes.jpg



            AVI export processes.jpg

            AVI export.jpg



            Thanks Harm...

            1. Yes

            2. Yes

            3. Yes

            4. Yes  (thanks for that tip)..


            I'd like to make a few comments and observations.

            As far as encodes and render times, i can't control that. I realize my older Opterons are old donkeys.

            But nonetheless, i've used third party Mpeg encoders in the past, and i've absolutely smoked these speeds that AME is using..


            As far as the .AVI's being saved out from "Preview files", i find it totally unacceptable that 40 seconds is average..Any software i've used in the past (including CS2.0 and VirtualDub), allowed for a direct stream copy of pre-rendered footage. It's simply a matter of file muxing, and shouldn't have anything to do with HDD bottlenecking. It's a matter of file transfer.


            Harm, i've gone as far as i can go without stripping my system to the bone. All results are within 2% of each other, regardless of disk management.

            The tweaks you mention are great for an athelete looking to shave another 1kilo of body fat, but i'm working with a 1 tonne elephant that doesn't want to move!!!


            And while i'm on the subject of disk locations, scratch, cache files etc..

            I've noticed lots of suggestions about disk speeds and such. Unless i'm working with uncompressed HD material, how can a DV clip that has only 25mbps output, have any negative effect on disk to disk output? I'm working with HDV, DV and Matrox .AVI formats, and my data rates don't come anywhere near bottlenecking HDD output speeds? I'm of the opinion, that as long as data is not being read/wrote on the same drive, file transferring shouldn't be an issue...


            I'm starting to develop the opinion, that unless there's a setting that i've totally overlooked, AME has some huge overhead issues. Especially with imported sequences..


            I'll fight the good fight, but i'm starting to think it's over...

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Can you post a screenshot from Process Explorer, not Windows Task Manager? Look here: Sysinternal Utilities

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                Pijetro Level 1





                Thanks for all the tips HARM!!!!

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  While editing, turn off AVG. That is a major obstacle.


                  Do you need all that Matrox stuff? People know I am not fond of Matrox, but I have seen people improve their benchmark results significantly by running without Matrox. For the rest, compliments on a well kept system. Not too many processes running. It would make life so much easier if more followed your example.