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    How can copy text from a PDF in the right order?


      I receive translation texts from clients in PDF files. I need to copy some of the text from these files into Word documents, but Adobe's selection tool jumps around, apparently at random, so paragraphs and lines from different locations on a page are automatically selected together. Tables are especially bad. If I try to copy an entire file, the order gets even more randomized. For example, all the titles in the document may be collected together in one place. I've tried various PDF conversion software. They all put the PDF content in text boxes, which isn't suitable for my purposes. I just want to copy PDF files in the exact order that they appear on the page as text that I can manipulate in Word. I'm now up to version 9.3.0 and there's been no improvement. Is there any solution to this problem?

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          I agree that copying and pasting from PDF to Word maunally is really a hard and tedious work. I have encounterd this problem before. Fortunately the problem can be solved prefectly now. I recommend you AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter, which is totally free since month before. This app supports three conversion mode--batch,partial,right-click conversion and it even supports encrypted PDF conversion, previously you need to have legal rights. And the convesion quality is superb, all the original text,layouts, images and hyperlinks will be preserved in an editable word documents. It is more useful than those free online software. Hope it helps.

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            Thanks Wattscott.


            The Anybizsoft program is the best I've seen so far. I've tried it with PDF files in English and Japanese, and it seems to handle both ok. Text is copied over as text (albeit with hard line feeds), while PDF tables are turned into Word columns. I can work with that.