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    Preferences in Fireworks CS£

      Every time I start Fireworks CS3 the Preferences have returned to the default. I used to have the same problem with Studio 8 and Fireworks MX. Obviously, it doesn't mean the app is unusable, but it is a pain to have to set my preferences every time I use it. I'm using a PC running Windows XP Pro, fully updated.

      If anyone knows of a fix for this, or even can cheer me up by letting me know they have the same problem, I'd be really grateful.
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          My Fireworks 8 started doing this about a week ago also and I have no idea what's causing it, hopefully someone here has the answer.
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            Laura S Level 1

            I have a similar problem with Fireworks CS5. At random intervals it will reset the preferences and choose the default keyboard shortcuts. The first I know something is wrong is when I see the "Greeting Screen" (which I usually turn off in the preferences.


            However, this is not a new problem. A similar thing happened with an older Macromedia version I used to have. This is the most annoying fault. I queried this with support and they suggested an entire re-install of the CS5 suite!



            In the short term, the workaround is to save any changes you make to keyboard shortcuts (I have a number for combining paths and arranging objects) into a copy of the default set. Then it's just a matter of reloading those when it happens.