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    Unable to control changes to comp from nested comp.

    transendental Level 1



      I have a Text comp and a Fader comp. I need to set the opacity of a text layer in the Text comp by the opacity of the Fader comp.  The Fader comp is nested in the Text comp.  The opacity of the Fader comp is set by an adjustment layer on layer1 of the Fader comp.


      I'm using: comp("FaderComp").layer(1).transform.opacity in the text layer's opacity property.  This works, but I need to be able to adjust the point at which the Fader comp affects the text layer by sliding the Fader comp strip along the time line in the Text comp.


      The problem is the text layer picks up the opacity change at the same time as the adjustment layer effects the opacity of the Fader comp and not where I am positioning the Fader comp slider in the Text comp.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.