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    Evaluation Expired - Cannot get CFBuilder to run

    Anvil Creative

      I've been trying everything I can think of, but I just can't get CFBuilder to work

      I just keep getting "Evaluation Expired" from the stand-alone installation

      Or not working at all with a similar message for the eclipse plug-in.


      I'm guessing that I screwed up when I installed and should have removed any old CFBuilder beta/pre-release installations.

      But I didn't, and now I can't get the released CFBuilder to run

      (and I'm in deep with a deadline for this week, I guess I need to fire-up my old Dreamweaver to get the job done)


      The old license key/file/.. must still linger around somewhere. Does anyone know where, and if I can just delete it.

      It seems a bit harsh to have to reinstall my machine to make this work, so there must (I hope and pray) be something I can do?


      What I've done:

      - [Plug-in] Installed the released CFBuilder ontop of an old existing CFBuilder installation

      Result: Didn't work!


      - [Plug-in] Uninstalled CFBuilder

      - [Plug-in] Reinstalled the released CFBuilder

      Result: DIdn't work


      - [Plug-in] Uninstalled CFBuilder

      - [Plug-in] Started with a fresh Eclipse installation

      - [Plug-in] Installed CFBuilder

      Result: Didn't work


      - [Plug-in] Uninstalled CFBuilder

      - [Stand-alone] Installed CFBuilder
      Result: Didn't work
      Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 1.45.32 AM.png



      Please someone HEEELP!!!