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    unused styles & exclude popups from search

    M-C Hammer
      Hello there
      I have inherited various large projects in RoboHelp and
      1. have been asked to tidy up the CSS as we have hundred of styles and only a few are being used. Is there a report I could run on RoboHelp (I am using RH for HTML version X5.02) or another easy way of doing this?
      2. On the compiled help file, when you search for some keywords, the popup topics get returned as well. Is there a way of excluding them from the search functionality on the CHM?

      Thanks in advance for any input.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Marie-Claire.

          There is no report you can run on the CSS file in RH but it is dead easy to remove styles. Just open up the .CSS file in the Project tab, highlight the style and click "Delete". You do have to be sure that the style is not being used though if you are to avoid getting into a mess. There are also a few .CSS editors out there - some freeware - that can be used. TopStyle Lite is one I've used in the past. The one thing I would suggest before you attempt anything is to take a backup of the .CSS files just in case

          As for excluding topics from a search, you can find your answer in this thread.
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            M-C Hammer Level 1
            Hi Colum
            Thanks for your valuable input. Re: cleaning the CSS, I am not worried about removing styles, it would just have made my life easier if RoboHelp had a report in its Reports menu to do that . Re: excluding topics from the search, thanks for the tip, I am going to look into it (we have a lot of popups).

            Thanks again.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Just thinking about this one, you could search all your HTM files for the style names one by one. Then if you can't find them you can delete the style from the CSS file. Not quite a report but it would work. Just a thought.
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                M-C Hammer Level 1
                That is what I am doing, Colum, as I do not see any other way of dealing with this, thanks.
                Does anyone know what the symbols in front of the styles in the CSS (when the CSS file is edited from within RH) mean? I understand that the underlined a means that the style is a character style but what does the symbol that looks like a blank lozenge with black bits around mean? Sorry but I do not know how to copy and paste the symbol in this message...
                Also what exactly is an inherited style?
                Finally, because the style names that appear in the CSS when opened within RH do not always correspond to the real style names in the CSS when opened in Notepad, I may end up removing some styles that are in fact used (e.g. Background + Text(Body), Hyperlink (active) or Hyperlink (visited)...