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    Flex 3 air deactivate application window focus or activate external application




      I have an application, which contains only one window (application window). This window is sometimes visible, sometimes not. If I want to hide it, I use this.visible=false. If I want to show it again, I use this.visible=true or just this.activate(). This is basic functionality.


      Now my problem.
      If I work e.g. in MS Excel and my flex3 air application is suddenly shown, MS Excel lose its focus, it's not active anymore, because the most top window is now my flex3 air application. So far so good.
      But if I hide my flex3 air application window (it's still running on the background) with this.visible=false, MS Excel did not get focus again, because flex3 air app still has focus, although is not visible.


      Please, do you know, how to deactive my flex3 air app or how to activate MS Excel or another application, which is second most top window on my desktop?


      Hopefully I decribed it clearly. Smiley


      Thanks, I will be happy for each suggestion.