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    Auto-complete weirdness

    Adam Cameron. Level 5

      I have all the auto-complete options set to default.

      In a CFM file if I key in <cffunction>, I get <cffunction></cffunction>.  Good.

      In a CFC file, if it has no <cfcomponent /> tags, if I type <cffunction>, I get <cffunction></cffunction>.  Good.

      In CFC, if I key in <cfcomponent>, I get no </cfcomponent> inserted automatically, but if I go CTRL-SPACE, there’s an option to insert it.  Not "good", but "adequate".

      In a CFC with <cfcomponent /> tags, if I key in <cffunction>, I get no </cffunction>, and there is no option to insert one even when I press CTRL-SPACE.

      This is all a bit random and illogical, is it not?


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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          In a similar vein to this, <cfsavecontent> does not auto-close (although it should, given my settings), but if I press CTRL-SPACE, the closing tag is there to select.


          However if I key in <cfsavecontent variable="x">, then even CTRL-SPACE does not work.




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            Dipanwita S Level 1

            Hi Adam,


            I would like to know your settings for:

                • Code assist - Auto-Activation - Auto code assist
                • Code assist - Auto-insertion -  Automatically insert closing tags
                • Code assist - Closing tag settings - Insert closing tags on a new line
                • Typing - Auto-close tags


            With all the above settings enabled as my default, auto-closure works uniformly for the tags you mentioned (cfcomponent, cffunction, cfsavecontent).


            Also, when you say 'key in', do you mean typing out the entire tag name or selecting the tag from code assist list.




            Adobe ColdFusion Builder Team