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    Isolate unused images in site

    gwhPoster Level 1

      HI everyone,


      I have a folder full of images but there are some which are not in use in the site. I wondered if it was possible to somehow isolate all unused images so that I can delete them. Is this possible?


      Appreciate any advice.

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          if you want that your images should not appear in your site, without to delete them, that works:


          in your sites code view:





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            gwhPoster Level 1

            Thanks for the reply,


            I don't really want to comment them out. I'm just trying to clean up the images folder as I have a lot of images in there that I ended up not being used in the site, so I just wanted to isolate them and remove them so I don't upload them to the remote server. I just thought that DM CS4 may have had some command to do this.

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              Zabeth69 Level 5

              You can check orphaned files: Window > Results > Link Checker. Select "Check Links for Entire Current Local Site" from the green twirly icon on the left side of the panel. Because you are looking for image-orphans, you might not want to double-click them in the results window...they will open in your image editor. But you will get a list of Orphaned files, showing the path. This list may be saved as an xml file by clicking the bottom icon (below the green twirly) or simply used as a reference while you drag the listed files (in the Files Panel) to an "orphanage" folder that you can then remove from your site folder to safekeeping.


              Another way to check (if you don't have a great raft of imaqes to be checking) is to do a "find" on each one...without a replace...If the filename shows up anywhere in your site, you'll get a list of citations showing both the filepath and a fragment of the code showing the image name. In this results window, when you double-click, you'll be taken to the page (which DW has opened for you) and line where it occurs.


              Because you are looking for "orphans," though, you only learn from the "find results list" whether your file is used in ANY code in your site. If it is, you don't want to remove it. If it is not, you can safely squirrel it off to that "orphanage folder".


              I like the second method a little better than the first, but between the two you should be golden.



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                gwhPoster Level 1

                Thanks - that's a perfect solution.

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                  Zabeth69 Level 5

                  You're welcome!