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    DNG from Panasonic GF1 unusable in OS X


      I am trying to convert raw RW2-files from my Panasonic Lumix GF1 to  DNG. I use Adobe DNG Converter, but the resulting files have no  thumbnails in Finder and I can't open them in Preview or import to  iPhoto either ...

      I use OS X 10.6.3 with the latest raw update. I have tried every  possible setting in Adobe DNG Converter - none works.

      Panasonic RW2-files have just recently been supported by OS X, so I can  use the original raw files without problems.

      I have no problems with Canon CR2-files converted to DNG in exactly the same way.

      What is really strange is, that a few days ago I tried the same thing,  and the resulting DNG-files worked ... no kidding! I even managed to  import some into iPhoto (which I deleted, though, as I am only testing).

      I am starting to ask myselv why i want to convert to DNG, but I am considering moving  from iPhoto to Aperture and I wondered if converting my raw files to DNG  on the way would make them more universal and 'future proof'. But that  might be wrong?

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

          What application and what version number are you using to convert to DNG?

          What software are you using in your RAW workflow? Only Aperture? (again, what version number?)

          Why do you want to convert to DNG in that case? To be able to open the files in an older version of Aperture?


          What changed between "a few days ago" and today? (new converter, other settings, different files, different directorate, disk?)

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            cabext Level 1

            Hi - thank you for responding.


            I use Adobe DNG Converter 5.6 for Mac for converting.


            At the moment I use only iPhoto (8.1.2), but OS X is supposed to support DNG

            natively. I use OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.3).


            I wanted to convert my RAW files to DNG in order to have all my RAW files

            from a previous Canon camera and my present Panasonic camera in the same

            format. A format that I thought would be more universal and 'future proof'.


            As far as I can tell, nothing has changed on my system.

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              I'm having the same problems.


              After converting the RW2 files, I can't open them in Lightroom. Error message says the files are corrupted.


              I've no problem in opening the file using Photoshop CS 4 though. But editing the photos one by one will be quite a waste of time.


              DNG Converter

              Mac OS 10.5.8

              Lightroom 2.1

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                Jeff Schewe Level 5

                Teohyc wrote:


                Lightroom 2.1


                The current version of Lightroom is version 2.6. You may wish to upgrade...