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    Adobe Premiere Preview files eating space



      I'm new to Premiere


      I am translating a large film (2 h)

      And all the words are wav.

      My scratch disks and media cache are in local disk D (40 gb free space)

      Now, I wanted to export 3 minutes of my film, to show it to a friend

      But when I export , my free space in C is becoming low

      And I saw that in C\Users\ME\AppData\Local\Temp there is a folder called "Adobe Premiere Preview Files"

      There are many cfa files inside and their size is becoming bigger and bigger

      So after 40 minutes of encoding

      Those CFA files are now 9 gb

      But my video should be 3 minutes long

      The question is:

      Why this folder is in C when all my scratch disks and media cache are in D

      And If I want to export all the movie (2h)

      Do I need like, 1 Terabyte hard disk to do it?