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    Scaling Circle Using Variable

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      I have beginner skills using Flash CS4 and need some help with scaling. I would like to create an animation that will be part of an eLearning lesson that the lesson taker can use to pace their breathing. So, it would be a (gradient fill) circle that would expand and contract in size to symbolize breathing.


      This is where I think that variables can be used: timing would need to let the user choose the exercise length (15-5 minutes) and the breaths per minutes (bpm), each of which consists of an inhale-exhale cycle (timing: inhale is half as long as exhale, plus a small pause between them).


      I have previously scripted this in JS for a different authoring program (so the scaling formula, based on variables, exists in JS), but I am unsure how to either translate it into AS or use the JS in Flash.


      I'm not sure where to begin and would appreciate any comments, suggestions or help.


      Thanks for your help.


      Kind Regards,