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    Column data overlapping in AdvancedDataGrid


      Hi guys,


      I have an AdvancedDataGrid which has two different views which are set by a ComboBox. The first view displays the AdvancedDataGrid using a dataprovider with an ordinary XMLList - this bit works fine. The second view sets the AdvancedDataGrid dataprovider with a HierarchicalData object, after the dataprovider is set, I then call a function that will expand a certain group of nodes and then set the selectedIndex on the AdvancedDataGrid to a certain item. The code itself works fine, but I seem to be seeing some sort of glitch with the view, that's causing text from one column to overlap into another column. I've uploaded a pic to illustrate the issue.


      As you can see, my AdvancedDataGrid can be quite deeply nested, which doesn't exactly make the view look pretty either. I've got a feeling that the overlapping text is probably being caused by a rendering issue, but to be honest, I don't know.


      Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can fix this or get some sort of work around going?