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    output resolution looks pixelated, project looks fine + more Qs :)


      captivate 4.0.0


      hi all,

      I've just downloaded the latest captivate 4 as a trial and am starting work on a new project. Sorry if these things have been asked but I looked around and couldnt find anything.


      I'm setting up a project template with a few standard interlude screens between the videos, while looking at them in Captivate in Edit View they look fine, crisp text, images look fine etc...

      but when I preview, and output (in high quality flash 8 min) the text looks more bold, less clear slightly pixelated and image start to appear a bit fuzzy. Is there something I'm missing? my resolution for the cap videos is set at 1010x615 and I'm viewing it on dual monitors and both are looking ugly....


      any ideas?



      alos another quick Q, if I create a design template and base a project off it, then update said template, will the project update with the new stuff when I re-open it?


      I expect to be asking a lot more questions over the next week or so as im not up to scratch on captivate at all.....thanks!!!!!!!