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    Experiencing problems with re-using a form and when it prints, prints symbols


      I am experiencing a problem when using a form and when I need to reuse the same form.  If I use the form once and have to re-use it again, I erase the data, and type the new information in the form.  The problem turns into when I print the same form (after re-using it), it prints symbols and greek letters.  Any suggestions?  The form is stored in a database.  So I'm having to retrieve a "new" form every time to avoid printing out the form with the symbols and greek letters.


      Also, I have read the forum about entering data in the fields in a form but it disappears.  It's there as long as I click in the field but as soon as I tab the field turns white.  I have noticed this happens when I lock my computer.  Any more suggestions or a quick fix for this?