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    flash movies


      i am trying to create a flash movie for my

      browser page.  i am able to import and export the movie just fine, the problem comes after i export the movie.  As long as i leave the flash file in the folder it was created in things work great.  If i try to move the folder or rename the folder it stops working.  It acts like it cant find the flv file i created the flash with.  if i rename or move the folder back where it was created things work fine.


      any ideas?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not clear what you've created, but if you have an swf file and it loads other files, then the path to the other files needs to be designated based on where the swf file is located when the call to load the external file is made.  If the swf file is embedded into an html page, then you need to target the files it loads as if it is in the same folder as the html page.  If you are not loading the swf into an html page, but are moving the file away from the folder it works in, you need to either change the path to the files it loads, or move the files along with it.

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            birddog1030 Level 1



            i havent put the flash video on my page yet.


            let me explain what i have.


            i have a folder called video

            inside that folder i have a flv file

            i open flash and import that movie

            i then export it as flash

            that gives me a flash file and a skin file and the flv file i am working with


            at this point i play the flash file and it works.


            if i rename that folder to video 1, it no longers works.  the only thing i do is rename the folder.


            so when i move my folders that contain my page to the server, it will not work.