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    Can't install Reader v9.3.0 from PSE DVD-ROM disc in Windows 7


      I recently purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements, which includes Adobe Acrobat Reader v9.3.0 on the DVD-ROM. When I first installed Photoshop Elements, I was able to successfully install Reader v9.3.0 onto my system, and it ran fine under Windows 7 Compatibility Mode. But, then I was trying to install it directly to my flash drive so that I'll have a working copy of Reader v9.3.0 wherever I go (I had done this previously, but I'm not sure if it was v9.3.0 or not).


      When I was unable to successfully run the installer, I figured it was because Reader was already installed on my system, so I uninstalled it in order to run the installer and install it onto my flash drive, then I was planning to reinstall it onto my system (hard drive).


      What exactly I am experiencing is this: I am able to initiate the installation and bring up the processing screen. The ticker bar tracks up to “99.90%” before it closes (or disappears). Then, nothing happens. I wait for several minutes, and still, nothing happens.