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    Very strange...server based swf tries to access local working copy code, throws null exception...

    stickamw Level 1

      Here's one for the strange folder...


      I have my Flex app.  I build the project and copy the resulting swf to my development ( server for testing....this works perfectly fine.


      However, some of my testers see an error (including myself) that is odd.  When I run the swf on the server, for one specific function, I get a null exception error.  What's interesting about it is that the stack trace indicates that the error occurred in my local working copy of code:


      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
          at apps::AsrUtilization/togglePanel()[C:\Users\eloy91100636\Desktop\Portal\UserInterface\htd ocs\LABPortal\src\apps\AsrUtilization.mxml:722]
          at apps::AsrUtilization/__callPanel_click()[C:\Users\eloy91100636\Desktop\Portal\UserInterfa ce\htdocs\LABPortal\src\apps\AsrUtilization.mxml:933]


      How is it that a swf running on a separate machine blows up trying to reference a function in the working code on my pc?


      And, what's more, is that some people run the swf just fine with no error and it works clean while others encounter this error.  I've cleaned and recompiled the project and it doesn't fix the problem.