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    InDesign Server: Ignoring / Supressing EXIF Orientation?

    jeffmlevy Level 1

      Good day,


      My clients are uploading images to our system that contain EXIF information. No suprise here, EXIF is ubiquitous feature in all digital cameras since the dawn of time... well. Anyway.


      Let us pretend that Joe Sixpack shot a roll of film rotated 90 degrees. He uploads his photos to my system.


      Later that day, after consuming more Lagunitas "Brown Shugga" than he should have, he places those images into a document. His images are crooked, because the tool I wrote for him doesn't respect EXIF.


      With some voodoo magick, I create a rectangle for him. Then, I place the image in the rectangle.


      When he goes to render the job, he sees that his 90-degree rotated rectangle has now rotated -90 degress. Where it was once wide, landscape photo, it is now tall.


      Considering his consumption of the Brown Shugga, he tries again, with a different batch of photos....


      He gets the same result.


      Joe downs another. Then, he strips off the EXIF information, specifically the Orientation tag, and tries again.


      The job renders properly. His image is as he wanted it, crooked, albiet, but it is just the way he wants it.


      SO. Joe calls me up, and slurs, "Iyy I uuuh. I found a bug. Or somethin. Fix it, or I'm gng to pke on u."




      Alas, I have scanned this forum for all-things "EXIF", and have come up dry.


      By stripping out the EXIF, Adobe does not rotate my image (which is what I want) -- How do I go about making InDesign "ignore" or somehow suppress the EXIF Orientation information when I place the file into my Rectangle?