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    how to tweak hyperlinkExternalPageDestinations


      Hi there,

      I don't know if this is an InDesign or Acrobat problem:

      I am generating in INDD CS3 a table of contents with hundres of links to
      external PDF files for distribution on a CD. The text contains hidden
      markers which I convert via a script to hyperlinks using the following
      code, where "myFile" is a realtive path.

      myHyperlinkDestination = myDocument.hyperlinkExternalPageDestinations.add(myURL);
        myHyperlinkDestination.documentPath = "./"+myFile;
        myHyperlinkDestination.destinationPageIndex = eval(myFindPage);
        myHyperlinkDestination.viewSetting = HyperlinkDestinationPageSetting.fitWindow;

      I must do it this way because I first generate a tagged text file and INDD
      would stubbornly ignore file://  links.

      The problem is this. The code works well and creates the links in PDF but on exprting

      to Acrobat the latter reads it as "go to a page in another document" and not as "open
      another document" (as when set manually in Acrobat itself).

      The difference is that in the first instance the current or master PDF document
      always closes itself (regardless of the corss document opening set in
      preferences) before opening the linked document which is annoying.

      In the old days (from PageMaker through INDD 2) I had built as separate PS
      file with link annotations which I added when distilling the inDesign file
      but that complicated matters and had to be re-generated each time a small
      change was made in the layout.

      Can you think of a way to tweak the script, to automatically embedd a PS file or of another trick to
      prevent PDF from closing itself?

      Your help will be gratly appreciated.


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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          If you insert one manually in an ID doc, not using your script, does it work like you intended?


          Perhaps this option is simply not available in ID generated PDFs. I certainly can't find anything resembling "close(_self)" in the description of HyperlinkExternalPageDestination. Granted, that could also mean it is an option in ID itself but simply not exported as being scriptable.

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            texane02 Level 1

            Thanks for your tip.

            I had tried that some time ago but found it extremely difficult due to the fact that inDD only wants to link to existing *.indd files.


            Is there, instead, a way to include annots via scripting or to generate a separate *.ps file that can be linked automatically during the distilling process?


            Alternatively do you know of a way to make global changes via javascript in Acrobat?


            rgs, texane02