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    [Java/Corba]How to purge memory?

    Bart Devos

      Hi all,

      In methods that cycle to the spreads of large documents (50 A4 pages as an example), things are slowing down considerably after, lets say, 10 pages. The actions performed by those methods are, in general, tagging text, resize images and so on. If i split up the document in several 1 spread-documents, the sum of time needed for the same processes is 5 times faster!

      The increase of the undo history is certainly a factor. But how can you disable the undo-history or flush the history? It can be done for scripts (as a doScript parameter) , but for Java? Somewhere on a forum for javascript i found, an intermediate "save as" to the same document path, flushes the undo history, but that didn't accelerate the processes.

      Another issue is the increase of the used memory. Temporarily Indesignserver performs an automatic memory purge (and logs this as an error - i don't know why). Is this possible to control this by code? I understood the "serverTest" method is only intended for the debug version and anyhow, i couldn't get it to work.

      So, i'll narrow this thread to 3 questions:

      1) Is the memory management documented somewhere?

      2) Can the undo mechanism be disabled in Java or C++?

      3) Can the memory be purged by code (in Java or C++)?


      Any input is gratefully welcome!

      Thanks in advance.


      Bart Devos.

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          fivan Level 1

          I have te same problem, have you found a solution?




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            Net & Storage Solutions

            Hi Ivan,


            We are still in contact with Adobe to solve this problem. Apparently there is a problem with the garbage collection of corbaobjects. This explains why the memory problems pile up. Unfortunately this becomes a bigger problem in CS4 (vs CS3) and even unworkable in CS5. Internally, Adobe launched a bugreport and we are looking forward to get a solution.

            Unfortunately, i don't have better news for you. Perhaps it could help that you post a support issue to Adobe too. The more it is clear for Adobe, this is a real problem, the more they will be willing to solve it.

            If you have a solution yourself, i would be happy to know this solution.

            Thanks in advance.