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    populating a Tree


      Iv a tree that i want to populate with a  result set from the server.


      This rs will have rows where each row will be catergoised , so current , sent , failed etc


      I need to populate the tree so that it will look some thing like



           Order 1

           Order 2


           Sent 1

           Sent 2


           Failed 1

           Failed 2


      how can i do this

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          Skiadzo Level 1

          this is a way to do it. It uses an xml entity that you construct and control.

          I use something similar in an app on which I am working. In that application, I put the mx:Tree at the first element of mx:HDividedBox container, followed by a mx:VBox containing a mx:ViewStack. If all of your content looks the same, you can skip the mx:ViewStack.



          <mx:XMLList id="treeData">

          <node label='top'>

          <node label='current'

          <!-- add current content so that has the following form -->

               <node label='Order 1'/>

               <node label='Order 2'/>


          <node label='Sent'

          <!-- add sent content -->



          <node label='Failed'>

          <!-- add failed content -->




          <mx:Tree id="myTree" showRoot="false" dataProvider="{treeData}" change="treeChanged(event)" />


          // Event handler for the Tree control change event.

          private function treeChanged(event:Event):void


               var selectedNode:XML =Tree(event.target).selectedItem as XML;

               var label:String = selectedNode.@label; // or add your own attribute

               // do something




          Hope this helps.

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            JockMahon Level 1

            how do u build up a dynamic xml, can u do


            <mx:XMLList id="treeData">

            <node  label='top'>

            <node label='current'


            for( var i = 0 ; i < 10 ; i++)


                  <node label='Order i'/>



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              Skiadzo Level 1

              Hmm. Probably not.


              create the variable treeDate via

              <mx:XMLLIST id='treeData'/>


              then in your code:

              var top:XML = <node label='Top'/>


              var currentBranch:XML = <node label='current'/>


              var leafNode:XML;

              var label:String;


              leafNode = <node label={label}/>


              //end loop


              Now, this is a code sketch, so salt & pepper to taste.

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                JockMahon Level 1

                thanks iv have got this working by doing the following


                            var xm:XML = <Orders></Orders>;
                            var ordersArray:Object = new Object();
                            ordersArray["1"] = "<node label='Current' templateID='1'>";
                            ordersArray["3"] = "<node label='Sent' templateID='3'>";
                            ordersArray["5"] = "<node label='Failed' templateID='5'>";


                         for(var i:uint = 0 ; i < event.result.length ; i++)
                       ordersArray[String( event.result.getItemAt(i)["ORDER_STATUS_ID"] ) ] += '<node label="' + event.result.getItemAt(i)["TEMPLATE_NAME"] + '" ';
                       ordersArray[String( event.result.getItemAt(i)["ORDER_STATUS_ID"] ) ] += 'templateID="' + event.result.getItemAt(i)["ORDER_TEMPLATE_ID"]+ '"/>';

                            ordersArray["1"] += "</node>";
                            ordersArray["3"] += "</node>";
                            ordersArray["5"] += "</node>";
                            for(var j:String in ordersArray )
                                var xmlList:XMLList = XMLList(ordersArray[String(j)]);