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    Photoshop Layer Comps in Catalyst...


      First off, as a "visual" person myself, I must give MAJOR props to Adobe and their team for Flash Catalyst!!!  "Godsend" is an understatement!


      Now the question:


      I'm taking advantage of the Layer Comps feature in Photoshop to design and organize my "Pages/States" for my latest website.


      I know that currently in FC Beta 2, the support for importing Layer Comps as pages/states in not available (although the "option" for it is currently greyed out in the selection menu when importing a PS file).


      All I want to know, from someone within Adobe, is: Will this be an actual feature in the next or final release of FC (more specifically, will this feature be available come April 12)?


      Please reply with some great news regarding this issue, so that I may ceremoniously wet my pants in excitement!