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    Which to learn

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      Hello Guys I am very new person to Flash but most people tell to study flex so any one can give me the clear guideline to me which one to choose and good for me. I love Flash websites and i love interactivity.


      And will there be actionscript 4.0 in flash CS5


      Please Give me good path

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          Flex is the more developer oriented application. If you fancy you job as writing endless lines of code and do some really serious and complex programming - Flex is the right thing for you. Flash also becomes more and more developer oriented application, although lot of people still love its creative potential as animation tool (myself included ) In fact, Flash was meant as application for creating animation movies, but that was long time ago ...

          I really hope there aren't further numbers after AS but who knows... we may not be that lucky ...  AS3 is a full featured object oriented programming language, like C, meaning you can achieve anything with it. But few people use it, especially designers - who don't want even to hear about AS3 - they actually stay with AS1 or 2 and are happy about using the older versions.

          So it depends on what you want to do - if you want to be a programmer - choose Flex, if you want to draw and make animations - take Flash





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            Thanks for suggestion i love visual design so first i will learn flash and go to flex.