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    Adding text boxes to URL using HTTPService

      Newbie question, and I'm totally blanking on something so simple.

      I have 4 text boxes: url1, startDate, endDate, acdNumber. I'm trying to add all 4 of them into my url tag for HTTPService, but I keep getting a "The reference to entity "to_date" must end with the ';' delimiter" error.

      Heres my code:
      url="{url1.text}phonelogreport-xml.php?from_date={startDate.text}&to_date={endDate.text}& acd_num={acdnumber.text}"/>

      The output should be something like: phonelog_report.php?from_date=2006-09-10&to_date=&acd_num=1

      I'm really getting annoyed with this, and I've tried the 3 ways I could think of to combine them. Please help.

      Thanks in advance!