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    Flex app not loading on live server


      I have a flex/coldfusion application that was built for me.  It loads and fuctions properly on my locally, however when I push it to the live server, the movie will not load.  Would anyone have a suggestion on settings I might be overlooking on the live server?



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          First thing to check would be to make sure that you are uploading all the needed files.   It is a silly question, but are  you sure that the swf file has been posted?  At the minimum you should be posting at least two files (one called movie.html, and the other movie.swf, where movie is the name of the application created).


          The only server setting I would check would be to make sure flash remoting is enabled.

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            lsandell2 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            Checked and the Flash Remoting support is enabled in the CF admin.


            My site is set up in Dreamweaver and the local and live files mirror each other, so I cannot find a difference in the files or file structure.  This is what is puzzling me.


            I am wondering of there is a problem with associated MIME file types and the live server not recognizing the .mxml or .as files?  Have you run into this before?



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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6

              You might need to set the --use-network=true compiler option.

              Project - Properties - Flex Compiler

              add --use-network=true to the "Additional compiler arguments:" section.

              When deploying to a live server you have to recompile with --use-network=true.

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