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    Deleting a section of a video.

    Peter A. Forkes Level 1

      Forgive me, but this is the first time that I have ever used Premiere Pro CS4 on my Mac.


      I am sure that whatI am aboutto ask is insanely easy, but I have spent the last 40 minutes Googling to try to find the solution, but I have failed to do so.  Shout at me, if you wish, but please tell me how to do this.


      I have a MOV file.

      I have created a new project and imported the MOV file.

      All that I want to do is delete the section from 2 minutes 47.22 seconds to 2 minutes 50.20 seconds.


      I believe that I need to set an in and out marker around the section of the video that I need to remove.


      ALL that I can do (on the very few and random cases when the Edit menu lets me select Clear or Cut) is delete EVERYTHING up to the first marker.


      I have tried setting the first marker as an In and an Out, but the results are the same -everything is deleted up to the first marker.


      Please help me.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          There are several ways to do this.


          Assuming that the longer 'master" Clip is on you Timeline already, go to the TimeCode box, to the upper left for the Timeline, and type in your first TimeCode. That will move the CTI (Current Time Indicator) to that point. With the Track, containing that Clip Targeted, hit Ctrl+K (probably Cmd+K on Mac), to Razor the Clip. Type in your next TimeCode and the CTI moves. Repeat. Rt-click on that new Razored Clip and choose Ripple Delete.


          One could also do this in the Source Monitor with In & Out Points, dragging the resulting instances to the Timeline, or use the Trim Monitor.


          Good luck,