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    how do I get a button to do nothing

      I need a button to do absolutely nothing when conditions are right. For example if a != b, then don't act like a button at all. Is there ActionScript for "do nothing" or "ignore everything"? Right now the page is not navigating on press, but it is re-loading the same page, and that's not what I need. I need the button to act as though it wasn't pressed at all.

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          Hey there:

          I use just a dummy phrase without an else. The script will not go beyond the first if statement when the condition is met. Technically, you do not have to put anything.

          _root.name010.onRelease = function() {
          if (a == b) {
          dummy = dummy;
          if (name010Set == 1) {
          _root.name010.theBox._alpha = 0;
          name010Set = 0;
          lineThree = lineThree - 1;
          } else {
          name010Set = 1;
          lineThree = lineThree + 1;
          _root.name010.theBox._alpha = 100;