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    How to link downloads within the help system?




      At times, I want to add documents to the help system, downloadable PDFs, DOCs, Excel Spreadsheets, etc.  In Flare I could simply add the files and create a link to them.  I have searched in the RoboHelp and cannot seem to find the answer to this function?


      I cannot seem to even add them without going through the import process and creating topics from the documents.


      It sounds simple, but I could use a little help here please.


      Thank you.



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          Amebr Level 4

          It would help to know which version of Robohelp you are using. Robohelp HTML or Robohelp Word? version X5, RH6, 7, 8?


          It sounds like you are talking about baggage files. In RH6, there is a baggage files folder. Right-click and select New Baggage File. Once it's in the project, you can drag and drop to create links as normal. We've only used PDF files, so not sure if there are any caveats on Word or other file types. Possibly there is something in the help.

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            chunkee Level 1

            I am on version RH8.  I created a new baggage file (a pdf document) I am unable to create a link to it?  I drag and drop it onto highlighted tex or even blank areas of the topic and no link is created?


            Is there any other suggestions?



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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              Try with the Shift key pressed. If not select the text and then use the link icon.


              See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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                chunkee Level 1

                Thank you. That seemed to work.  I have another question regarding the linking.  Do the files that I have linked to go with the project?  Are they added and published with the system?  Is there also a way to have them be direct TOC topic links? I have several cheat sheet type pdf documents that I will embed with the appropriate topic content, but would also like to provide a Book labeled downloads, and have direct links to the pdfs listed below.  If not, I can just create a regular topic and create a list of the downloads under approrpiate headings.


                Thank you so much for your assitance. I am learning the new Adobe Air format and am wondering about the features of it.  I like some of the usability feature sets, but am not real familiar with the enabling commenting and Auto Update features.  Adding Resources is not real clear either.  We are thinking of getting the RoboServer but not certain if the AirFormat can utilize that.  I am not a real fan of localized installs of help and prefer a web based/server side solution.  I guess I will need to spend more time with the information out there, but it seems a little sparse. If anyone has any good case study links or examples of Air format utlizing server side publising and RoboServer that would be great.  I am trying to get a best practice in place for this company and show them what a well organized information support and help system can do.



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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5

                  Hi JC.


                  Baggage file automatically get bundled in the output so there is no need to do anything with them. With regards linking the TOC to a baggage file, yes this can be done. Create a TOC page and in the "Link To" page at the bottom of the dialog, select Baggage File. Then just select the required file.


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                    chunkee Level 1

                    Awesomeness. Thank you.  That seemed to work for localized help?  Do you have to publish it to a server to view it via the web based help type? The view output renders a dead link in the webhelp.


                    Not sure why the Air Web Format removes the Favorites functionality.