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    cs3 exporting chapter marks

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      If I want to export chapter marks from cs3 ( not the encore marks, but the numbered marks with chapter info in the text box) does that go as xml like the avid compatible xml chapters ?  So someone using avid will see that info when I export it ?






      did a bit of searching and help files and so on...didn't see info on this

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          I hope that I am wrong, but the only Markers that I know of, that can be Exported are the Encore Chapter Markers, and one MUST name those. Hope that someone will chime in and tell us both how wrong I am about this.


          Now, to do what you want, what about an EDL (Edit Decision List)? That should work.


          Good luck,




          BTW - what format/CODEC are you Exporting to?

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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When you export an avi with "embed project" or the like, it will send named sequence markers that encore picks up.  The info is carried in the .xmpses file that is output, but I doubt it can be read by avid.

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              Hmmm...just re-watched the tutorial...on sequence markers...he says

              basically, if I use encore markers they work with the export to encore

              choice, but regular sequence markers get exported as chapter markers...and

              if going to after effects they become a layer, in flash they become cue

              points...but then he says info in chapter box ( of marker) turns into flash

              xml ...but he doesnt go into what the exported chapter marker is compatible

              with...   hmmmm.....no big deal....can add later if not using encore..




              ps ...have to study up on the EDL option....thanks !

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                Aha...thank you !

                I think I'll try that on a small clip just to look at the file and see what

                it contains...Thanks!


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                  Bill, re: EDL


                  Read up some more on markers...and also found one of Curt's "lessons" from Classroom In A Book" CS3...

                  What a great design !  And this was in it re: EDL



                  If you plan to use an EDL, you need to keep your project within some narrow guidelines:
                  • EDLs work best with projects that contain no more than one video track, two stereo (or four mono) audio tracks, and no nested sequences.
                  • Most standard transitions, frame holds, and clip-speed changes work well in EDLs.
                  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 supports a key track for titles or other content. That track has to be immediately above the video track selected for export.
                  • You must capture and log all the source material with accurate timecodes.
                  • The capture card must have a device control that uses timecode.
                  • Videotapes must each have a unique reel number and be formatted with the timecode before you shoot the video to ensure there are no breaks in the timecode.
                  To view the EDL options, Choose File > Export > Export To EDL to open the EDL Export Settings dialog box:
                  • EDL Title—Specifies a title to appear in the first line of the EDL file.
                  Note: The title can be different from the filename. After clicking OK in the EDL Export Settings dialog box, you will have the opportunity to enter a filename.
                  • Start Timecode—Sets the starting timecode value for the first edit in the sequence.
                  • Include Video Levels—Includes video opacity level comments in the EDL.



                  I think I'll make -using quark- a log with in out timecode columns and description column and just do this manually...

                  I can use the log "form" to note my chapter marks ( "in" timecode )


                  Plus use the same log for what's going on in the source footage...and use that against a "Timeline" I can draw by hand on (landscape) paper taped together...



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                    What codec exporting to...


                    Not sure yet, but one will be for DVD...


                    I have to find out about the outdoor channel thing...it may be someone who knows someone can get by the HD only after 3rd quarter 2010 thing...


                    Or maybe some other cable channel...


                    Also, I'm kinda planning on keeping one of Josh's clamshells to export from CS3 back to tape if he wants to be able to play around with the footage on his own computer too...


                    He's finally getting out of flooded CT this morning and will be here about 8am...so we can work out some of this stuff.