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    Upgrading Flex Builder 3 Standard to Flash Builder 4 Premium


      Hi there,


      Purchased Flex Builder 3 Standard back in January. Came to enjoy (and depend on) the memory profiling functions in the beta 2.


      Anyhow, Flash Builder 4 has been released, and I see there is no memory profiler in the Standard edition. I see some conflicting information out there regarding upgrades -- some (third party) websites say it's possible to upgrade Flex Builder 3 Standard to Flash Builder 4 Premium. Adobe's website says it's only possible to upgrade Standard -> Standard, and Premium -> Premium.


      The costs to upgrade to Premium from Standard would be prohibitive; I'd have to purchase two separate upgrades and the price would go over $US1000. Am I able to upgrade to Premium using my Flex Builder 3 Standard purchase?