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    Importing SolidWorks 3D Image into Illustrator??

    Lou Dina Level 3

      A customer has Solidworks 2010 (3-D CAD program) and created a complicated 3D model that he wants to use in a brochure. Solidworks creates color, shading and does a nice job, but the colors are ugly and apparently cannot be changed inside Solidworks.


      I need to get this image into Illustrator CS4 (Mac platform) in vector format so I can change the colors. They can send me a DXF format, which comes over as vector data, but it loses all color, shading, and each little line segment and curve is a discreet object. I found I can convert it to a smart paint object, but that is not really ideal and will take a lot of time to redo.


      Though Solidworks has a PDF, EPS and AI export feature, it rasterizes it first before converting, so it comes over like a digital camera image as one big bitmap blob. That won't work.


      Does anyone know how to export a full color vector based image from solidworks, and them import it into Illustrator so I can retain shading, etc, and just change the colors?


      Any help appreciated.


      Thanks, Lou