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    Swatches disapeared

    toymaker1 Level 1


      All the color swatches (except none and registration) have disapeared from the swatches panel and the fill and stroke tool in Illustrator CS4.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Peter de Wit

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          If you open a raster image in ai instead of placing it it creates a document with the settings of the image.


          So you can load the swatches by going to the Swatches Panel and from the drop down select Open Swatch Library and select one of the default swatches and it will load or you.


          This is expected behavior

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            toymaker1 Level 1

            Hi Wade

            I'm a bit confused.

            Surely the raster image I traced then made into a live paint group is now a vector image isn't it?

            So when I now open it I am opening a vector image.

            Also, I notice that when I load the default a swatch panel it opens as a new, separate panel e.g. Web or CMYK. The swatches panel still stays empty, even when I open the Essentials workspace. I thought that if I opened the Essentials workspace the swatches panel would revert to normal, but it didn't.

            Are you saying that each time I want to work on this file I should place it rather than open it? (that has just occured to me).



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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              Confusing yes indeed.


              I am certain this is a good way for it to work but it is actually logical. Even if it does not seem to make sense.


              So this is the y it works and why.


              Since the image has no vector it has not shapes or strokes and there for no brushes as well and Illustrator cannot reference them when creating
              the document. 


              So once created this is what the document is and you have blank Panels.


              The work spaces refer to arrangement of Panels and tools and even menu items setup but not what the panels contain as you can see it would be disruptive if you had added swatches because your documents art required it but had gotten a little disorganized an d want to arrange things in the same way the essentials workspace was if then by doing so you swatches you added were removed.


              The reason when you create a print document you get certain swatches and brushes is that it is referencing an existing document that is set up that way and which acts like a template. I sometimes change that document to have a default of a black stroke and no fill for instance.


              You can as well and even change the particular swatches it contains as well as brushes, graphic styles etc.


              The reason the live paint did not create the swatches is that you are required to make swatches from colors you creat and as you do this the swatch panel will become populated.


              When you open a swatch library you are again referencing but not opening another document sort of like a link. So you do not want to select each of the swatches and turn them into a swatch one at a time. This is what you do. You select all the swatches in the Basic swatches you opened then holding down the shift key select the first swatch after the register swatch, it is nit actually the black swatch, then while stil holding the shift key click on the last swatch. That will select al the swatches then click (mouse down on the swatches but do not mouse up and drag them yto the documents empty swatch panel and it will populate that panel with all the selected swatches.


              Hope this clarifies things.


              I make one more suggestion you might consider purchasing Mordy Goldings Real World Illustrator CS 4 this man really has a way with words and has a clarity of purpose when he writes about using any of the Adobe products s it is a very good investment.

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                toymaker1 Level 1

                Thanks Wade.I found that when I placed the file instead of opening it, the colour swatches came back. I have the book you mentioned. Excellent.By the way, I mentioned in a previous message that I was having a problem with layers on a soldier image. I have attached the complete drawing before I live paint it. As you can see I somehow managed to position the rifle layer behind the bearskin layer.


                Peter de Wit





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                  toymaker1 Level 1

                  Thanks Wade

                  I found that when I placed the file instead of opening it, the colour swatches came back.

                  By the way, I have the book by Mordy. He's an excellent teacher. Ive been watching some of his tuition videos.

                  He covers many points which non- technical people (like myself) want to know about.

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                      Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      What exactly is your problem?