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    uploading a file via http (not ftp)

    Tols (UK) Level 1

      I want to allow the user of my Director app to upload a file and I don't want to use FTP as too many corporate networks ban FTP.


      So my plan was to do this:


      use securenetxtra to (snx)postnettext a property list containing a filename to an appropriate perl cgi script, and that would initiate the transfer. I hadn't worked out it if it was possible to get a status update on the progress of the upload but that is a secondary issue and i suspect one might be able to.


      however the problem is - as I see it - that when a web form submits files for upload via cgi it needs to set the enctype to multipart/form-data and snxpostnettext only offers enctypes of "text/plain" and "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".


      INM who make the xtra say they could do the appropriate change to make this possible but I would have to pay development costs.


      So... is there another way? I had a quick look at UltimateNet xtra but that doesn't seem to mention what enctype it uses or how it might be set.


      Thanks, T