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    RoboHTML output

      Another doubt..i feel i m not going to get an immediate answer to my doubt regarding updating the Robohelp for word directly from a word document...its is like importing the info from word into your Robohelp word document or HTML...ok..my next doubt is...when u clik on the *.hpj file in Robohelp Word..u generate a helpfile in the form of a book icon.How can i generate a HTML file in the same way using webhelp in RH?Please help!
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          Hi smi_nishad. I'm sorry you aren't getting an immediate answer but that is the risk you take with these forums. Everyone here are help professionals (not Adobe staff) trying to hold down a job as well as helping those who have questions. We do try and answer as soon as we can but sometimes our deadlines take priority.

          To answer your questions, can you tell us which version of RH for Word you are using.