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    Missing it somewhere--help please.


      I've spent too much of my time on this simple problem. I could use a bit of advice. I could accomplish this in Flash, but want to persist until I get it in Flex 3. I create a project and I want to include a movie--mpeg-4 video for flash to be specific. I've tried using the video component in Flex, create an id in Flex, and a path to my video file on the server. Nothing happens. I've loaded the html, mpeg file and MXML file onto my server, in the public_html folder. When I type my donain name and try everthing to access the html file, I get a blank screen. I'm really confused by the whole process of designing a Flex project, which seems simple enough, but then all the files Flex creates, and the code necessary to load the web page(including my movie) gets me really confused. Can someone provide a simple as heck explanation of getting a movie within Flex to load in my web browser, on the server? Thanks in advance. I've spent way too much time on this problem. I need help. Please and thanks a lot. Mike Oberlin Traverse City, MI U.S.A.