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    Uploading a Specific file rather than browsing

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      My app allows users to create a user-named jpg like so:-




      var enteredimagename:String = imagenameentry.text;


      var file:File = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath(('assets/images/')+enteredimagename+('.jpg'));


      However I now want to allow a user to upload that specfic file automatically to my server by clicking a button which will simply upload that file WITHOUT having them browse for it. So basically I need it set up so that when the user clicks a button whatever name they type into the imagenameentry.text will be the image that gets uploaded. For example they create an image which they name yahooimage by typing yahooimage into the imagenameentry text input component. Once a button is clicked this will save this image as assets/images/yahooimage.jpg but I want to advance this button click further so that this specific jpg is then set as the file for upload without browsing for it. All the examples I've seen use the browse function though which is not what I want.


      How can this be combined with the filereference method or some other way so that the file to be uploaded can be entered into a textinput component as described above rather than browsed for?