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    Filter - Render - Skin texture

    Emilian Dechev Level 1

      Render skin texture directly in photoshop.

      One may chose the skin's gender, race, vitality and age.

      There may be options for pores, wrinkles, freckles, bumps, little hairs, different tones etc.

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          Do you have any idea Emilian, how many man hours are spent retouching skin texture properly?


          Here's your problems. Any surface texture, the way is appears, is about light - the direction, sources and color and quality of light - different for each image. Its a 3D task not a 2D one, texture moves around the surface. This texture is also not consistent, pores are differerent sizes and shapes under the eyes than they are on the cheek. Skin is also translucent to some degree.


          If you are thinking that a Photoshop filter could even come close to doing this then you are sadly mistaken I'm afraid.

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            Emilian Dechev Level 1

            Well now, photoshop is not a "2D only" software for some time now. But anyway, the feature I am talking about, should not require 3D rendering - it may be rendered as 2D patterns.


            If you think that photoshop is not capable to do it, then I will share a recipie to render some basic skin texture:

            new layer - fill 50% grey - add monochromatic noise - gaussian blur, bevell emboss - set layer blending mode to soft light.


            So you see PS is capable. But this is just not good enough. I do not want real breathing 3D skin, I just want something more sophisticated.

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              Emilian Dechev Level 1

              Oops that last step should go "filter - stylize - emboss", not bevell (my bad)

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                c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                Gee, thanks for sharing … you might want to give your choice of Blend Mode some more thought, though.


                And how does your recipe touch on the issues Mark pointed out? Lighting, spatial angles, translucency, the varying qualities of skin over the whole of a body’s surface?


                If You just want patterns you could certainly create a library of your own using your recipe or extracting then from actual photographs.


                But apart from all that the parameters you propose in the original post seem … well, to say the least, probably not a matter a company like Adobe should concern itself with.

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                  Emilian Dechev Level 1

                  Well adobe made a major step to the 3D world, I am pretty sure there is a way to actually render some features to create a 2D pattern. But as it seems not useful to the majority of the creatives, then it's a whatever matter.