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    "Pages" not re-setting to the top


      I have been using Catalyst to mock up webpages, but I find that when I transitio from one page to another, the second page doesnt re-set at the top.


      For example: If I click a "continue" button a the bottom of a long scrolling page and the second page is  much shorter, all I see is white space. I have scroll up to see the content.


      Does anyone know how I can make it so that every page will reset to the top?


      Thanks in advance!

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          dfsafdf434 Level 1

          Hi all,


          I am bumping this post because this is a serious issue.


          I have noticed that in all the demo vidoes everyone is creating these small, boxed websites that dont go below the fold. However, in our case we are using Catalyst to mock up pages that can extend well below the fold, and we are finding that if a user scrolls to the bottom of one page, then clicks to go to another, they are dumped at the bottom of the new page, not the top.


          Does anyone have any work arounds for this, because it seems to have the same problem in the release version.



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            dfsafdf434 Level 1

            Ok.... I finally figured this out. All that was needed was a simple line to the "button_clickHandler" after importing into FB:


            ExternalInterface.call("window.scrollTo", 0, 0);


            What is sad is that Catalyst doesnt already add something this and assumes that everyone is making sites that dont scroll.