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    feel very stupid, but i'm having trouble changing the colour of an object


      ok, i just set myself a little design project that would have the side-effect of having to get to grips with illustrator. it's been ok so far but i've run into a strange problem. here (in probably too much detail) is the situation (i'm writing in so much detail because i don't really have a clue what i'm doing and it's quite possible i created my problem by doing something wrong along the way...)


      i am working on a design for a t-shirt that must include a certain logo, an acorn. i have the acorn in a pdf and imported it into illustrator just fine. i was then able to play around with it and changed its colour a couple of times. i worked on my design and finally settled on what i was going to do - i essentially have created a flower-like pattern by repeating the acorn in a circle, rotating it by 30 degrees each time. i did this by pasting the acorn on the artboard then rotating it, pasting it into my flower, then pasting another copy onto the artboard, rotating it, pasting it into the flower, etc... you get the picture. so now i have my acorn-flower. but i have decided i want to change the colour of the acorns to red, and when i try to do this to any of the individual acorns in my design, or to do it to the whole acorn-flower when it's grouped, one of 2 things happens, depending on which colour button i press: either the whole box around each acorn fills in completely red, blotting out the acorn and leaving me with lots of red rectangles, or the lines in the acorn change colour to red but the gridlines of the rectangle around it (which aren't normally visible) appear and turn red too!!


      did i do this all wrong?any ideas, aside from starting again?


      thanks in advance