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    Problems with QT xtras & Shockwave files


      I'm having problems trying to get QT xtras to work with a shockwave files when they are loaded onto a website.

      When I try to run the files, I keep getting the message "The application requires an xtra (Quicktime) that either does not exist or failed to initialize properly.". I've tried putting the xtras up on the website in every location I can think of where they may be needed, but with no success.

      The link to the shockwave file is

      http://www.holeycow.com.au/shadetest/Rob's Menu-08.htm

      (the " Menu-08.htm" should be part of the link.)


      Is there a specific location on the webserver where the QT xtras can be gauranteed to work?

      The shockwave file works fine on the local machines.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          You need to open the Director file in the authoring environment and use the menu Modify -> Movie -> Xtras... In the dialog that opens, ensure all the xtras have the "Download if Needed" box checked. It may be worth unchecking and rechecking each one (where you can - some, like the Net xtras, are assumed to be available already, otherwise SW is terminally broken and needs reinstallation). This process will take some time as the authoring environment will ping the download server for each xtra, verifying that they exist at the address given in the xtrainfo.txt file. This "download and required" information is branded into the file, so you should then re-publish it.

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            Holeycow Level 1

            Problem solved!


            Thank you very, very much.


            I never would have got to doing that without your suggestion.


            Have a wonderful day.......you've certainly made my day better