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    Cache problem when loading modules ?

      Hello Flex friends !

      I am currently experiencing a strange problem. It happens in my production environment when using my web browser to access the application. Here it is :

      The main application is a menu on the left and a ModuleLoader in the center. Regarding the menu's button I click, the ModuleLoader will load either ModuleA, ModuleB, etc ... nothing's special until then, everything works fine.

      Then I update the ModuleA.swf and Module.swf files. Now when I click the menu's button I get the old ModuleA and ModuleB.

      This seems to be a cache problem, no ? I thought the browser was going to compare the local ModuleA version and the server ModuleA version and then load the server ModuleA version, but it does not seem to work this way. So How does it work ? I'd like to understand.

      Thanks for your help guys !