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    Webservice Function

    Ukie_239 Level 1
      I have no problem calling a web service, but I am wondering if there is a way to get a list of the web service methods via code hinting? (as u normally can using ctrl space on other objects)

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          ProfessorC Level 1
          I don't think so... not via code hinting in the IDE. Because at design time Flex Builder hasn't actually gone out and polled the service. Thus it wouldn't know the methods actually available. On top of which, if you're calling the service via the HTTPService or URLLoader, those classes are too generic to even recognize at design time that you're actually accessing a web service (the URL could, for example, simply be a CSV or XML file).

          I think the closest you'd get to an integrated solution is the SOAPSpy plug-in for Eclipse (so it should work in FlexBuilder 2... but you'd probably have to switch into a different workspace/view). But I think you'd find a more robust solution in the stand-alone desktop utility XMLSpy, or the online tools available at xmethods.com or webservicelist.com.