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    Click not working on loadMovieNum()

    ash_designman Level 1
      Hi everyone.

      I have made a flash banner advert ( http://www.upssystems.uk.com/_banners/sky_scraper.swf) and I am loading it through a holding movie ( http://www.c9dd.com/holder.swf) in this move there is on frame with this action script in it...

      loadMovieNum(" http://www.upssystems.uk.com/_banners/proxy.php",0);

      This calls the "real" movie in to it across a domain, thus giving me a little more in the file size than the standard 15k. However when doing this the click through no longer works.

      I tried placing the "Click Through" on the holder movie, but it does not work while the loadMovieNum() is in place.

      Any Ideas on making it work again?

      p.s. I am using the proxy script as i thought that might be the answer, see here ( http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_16520&sliceId=2#proxy)