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    Error when PDF File is send through SAP to Vendors.

    tanuja naik



      We are regularly sending payment advices as PDF File to our Vendors. but from february all of sudden many of vendors are facing issue while opening PDF File.

      Some of them are getting Error as "Adobe reader could not open file because it is either not supported file or because file has been damaged(it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded) while some of them are receiving Blank attachment.


      Also when we try to send same file to internal id's and our personal Id's we are able to open same. So this is not sap problem as file leaves sap correctly.


      What could be reasons they are not able to open same? Also this can't be a problem at recipients end as many of Vendors are facing this problem all of a sudden.  Also one more observation when correct file is received size is of 8KB while same when received by Vendors its only of 1 KB.


      Please let me know solution for this.



      Tanuja Naik