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    WebService call Problems

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      I have Reader-extended pdf document, which  calls webservice:




      After that, there are lots of complications prior the data is exchanged with the server (AR 9.3.0):


      1) user evaluates xfa.connectionSet.ws.execute(0); via regular button click

      2) Reader throws Javascript Exception and displays yellow bar with text "Some features have been disabled to avoid potential security risk ...".

      3) user choose in yello-bar, that he wants to trust this document one-time or always

      4) Reader closes pdf document and reopens it

      5) User evaluates 1) again

      6) Then there is a confirm, that users really wants to make soap call to desired address

      7) data is sent to server, but no data bind according to WSDL DataConnection back to form. fields

      8) user clicks exactly the same 5)

      9) user confirms, that he really wants to make soap call to desired address

      10) data is sent again to server but this time it is also bind back to document form. fields


      What problems can I avoid ?

      I think, that it should be possible to have only those confirms, that user wants to call-soap somewhere and withnout loss of server response?


      Could something from it be Reader-extensions evaluate certificate ?



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          pguerett Level 6

          I do not believe that there is anything wrong with Reader Extensions. It either allows the WS call to happen or not. As it eventually works then it is working. Are you making a secured web service call? If so which method ....or are you simply using an https call? What data type(s) are being returned from the WS call?



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            radek.r Level 1

            Thanks for reply pguerett,


            It is secured web service call, soap. I just created new DataConnection from wsdl and then calling it via javascript.


            It returns only two attributes:


            <element name="err_code" type="xsd:int"/>
            <element name="err_msg" type="xsd:string"/>


            Does the document need to be signed to be trusted and not to display that "Yellow bar"?



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              pguerett Level 6

              Is is secured by a certificate or by a userid/password challenge. My guess is that it is a cert and that your cert is not in the trusted store, hence the yellow dialog.


              Certainly the binding can happen with the simple types you have in the wsdl....so that is not an issue.


              Is this web service something that I can hit from here or is it on a private network?



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                radek.r Level 1

                You are correct, the document itself is not signed, but the connection to webservice is made over https with untrusted certificate.


                But still, does Reader behave correctly? The most painful is, that when user allows untrusted features via yellow bar, Adobe Reader closes and reopens document. Reader asks user, if he wants to save his changes, but if he does to some other filesystem location, reader reopens the original location and this seems like the user just lost his data (but filled form is on the latter picked location).


                The same problem is, when the document is displayed by web browser (stored somewhere in it's working directory), when user allows security exception for the document, it is closed and reopened blank. We have very long forms and we needed to public pre-production release for testing with trial https certificate and for avarage user it is hell to submit it.


                Older versions of Acrobat didn't do it in this way. Is it at least possible to fix the los of filled data after "yello-bar" confirm? Is it even really the only way to close document?


                So the only way, to prevent some dialogs in AR 9.3.0 is to have trusted certificate?


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                  pguerett Level 6

                  Yes I believe so ...you will have to get the cert into the trusted store otherwise Acrobat and the browser will through up dialogs warning you as to what is happening.