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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4


      i have a problem in importing my videos in premiere pro.

      the videos i have imported have, ofcourse a separate audio and a video together in the file.


      my problem is, whenever i play the video in premiere it's playing in fast forward

      but the audio is playing normally.The weird thing is, I haven't done anything yet, i just dragged the file

      on the timeline and tried to play it but its like that.


      I tried to play the file on a player (example: windows media player/ real player)

      it works just fine. i dont know where the problem is?

      I've tried other videos of the same kind and just the same, it has the same problem.


      i tried to export the file and it came out just like the one playing in premiere:

      video playing in fast forward, audio playing normally.


      i've used a standard DV-NTSC 48kHz preset for this project.


      i hope any one could help me out with this,

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Use G-Spot to find the codec in your files, but my guess is that it is not editable, something like DivX or XVid. If it is not MS DV AVI type2, you need to find a converter to make it editable.

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            hewiepro Level 1

            Mr. Harm,


            where is the G-spot place...I just went to g-spot.com...NOT GOOD....

            i am one of your newbies...and need clear direction...thx to you guys!!!

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              kcmat Level 1

              Mr. Harm,


              thank you for replying. my file was originally a .dat file and i just converted it into a .avi format, it works well in players..

              is it really not editable???

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                What program did you use to convert that DAT file to AVI? How was the DAT file created in the first place? What are the specs. of that AVI file now? That is where G-Spot will come in, as Harm has pointed out.


                Here's a look at the G-Spot screen, and some of the places to look for details:



                Also, one often gets a false sense of security, because an AV file will play. Playing the file and editing that same file, are two very, very different things.


                This ARTICLE on CODEC's will give you a bit more background. This ARTICLE will give you a bit of background on AV files' "wrappers," which AVI is one.


                Now, it could well be that you can choose other conversion formats/CODEC for that DAT file, and things will be better. That is why we asked about the program used, and the details of the conversion - might well be a mis-step in that part of the workflow, and just a new setting will help you out.


                Good luck, and happy reading. Let us know more about the files and the conversion program.